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20th Jun 2017, 6:23 AM
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Shaneoid 20th Jun 2017, 6:34 AM edit delete

Night Twink began as an attempt to do my first mobile-friendly webcomic, hense the format, and has been enjoying relative success since November 2016 on Webtoon. I decided to bring the story over to Comic Fury so I could experiment more with the strip's content and incorporate additional methods of networking the comic.

I started out with an idea of more rough, sketchy art for the comic, but as it gained a following I put more effort in to it, hense the progression of art throughout the run. The story is set within the same 'world' as the mother comic Heroes of the World and Beyond but with a darker, more sinister angle, contrasting the more four-colour HOTWAB.

There was also a definite move by myself to contrast the swaithes of 'boy love' comics, which depicted a more idealistic representation of modern gay life. I wanted to use the comic to display aspects of homophobia, slut shaming, cruising, and more aspects of life many gay men have to face. I am autistic and perhaps my lack of filter may come through in some of this.

I chose to use the term 'twink' not because I applaud it for being used within gay culture, but rather it is how the main character is seen by his contemporaries, and however much he defies the stereotype, he will always be reduced to his look by his peers.

I update this comic as it's finished, I aim for 2 updates a month but have sometimes managed 3/4.